It was the individuals who strutted and fretted their respective hours upon those stages that gave them their historic and persistent life and vitality."

This 200- year tapestry of people and events in a notable Midwestern Big Town is a compendium of stories, sketches, and facts with many exits and entrances for readers with particular agendas or curiosities. For students of local and national history, the interspersed chronologies can be read independently from the text. For lovers of anecdotes and personalities, the text can be read independently from the chronologies. For those in search of the foot and fingerprints of individuals or law firms, the index provides convenient keys. For those with a fascination for specific subjects, an index guided tour will serve as a map.    

When a trumpeter plaintiff claimed to have lost his vocational skills after losing his two front teeth in an auto accident, Clifford R. Curtner removed his own false teeth, laid them gently on his counsel table, reached into his briefcase, pulled out a cornet, and played a lively chorus of an old pop tune.
Ulysses S. Martin was asked why he had sentenced a man for bootlegging when it was common knowledge that the judge liked to drink now and then, Judge Martin replied "The defendant's stuff was so damn bad I couldn't drink it."

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