"The yeomen of the law - are less likely to generate anecdotes than the mavericks. I may be justly criticized for favoring the grasshoppers over the ants in my quest for the flavor, the essence."

Jack Egan represented countless clients from 1899 to 1936, including famous and in certain cases, most infamous of the era. Fred Gondorf the legendary con man played by Paul Newman in The Sting; Raymond Crane Neck Nugent, a hit man at the Saint Valentine's Day massacre; John Dillinger, our country's original Public Enemy Number One; and Alvin Karpis, his successor to that dubious title; rounded out his client roster. 

"Egan has established quite a reputation as a criminal lawyer; that whenever a "big time" crook gets into trouble around Dayton, Egan is always called into the case."

Memorandum for the Director, J. Edgar Hoover, Federal Bureau of Investigation

"The lawyer's name was Jack Egan and he had a reputation as a first-rate appeals attorney." 

Alvin Karpis


Meet the irrepressible trial attorney who devoted his considerable forensic skills to assist an appalling array of hoodlums, con men, bootleggers, hit men, bank robbers, safe crackers, gamblers and assorted scoundrels.

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