"If the past cannot tell us where we are going, perhaps it can tell us how we got to where and - more importantly, what we are."


About the Author

"I had the advantages or disadvantages of growing up as a trial lawyer's son, and I was thereby targeted to have some contact with legal institutions at an early impressionable age. I have always been able to distinguish a law office from any other establishment by the presence of magnificent polished brass cuspidors and by the absence of pictures in the books that fill the library shelves."

David C. Greer has been a practicing trial lawyer in Dayton, Ohio for over fifty years. In that span of time he has represented clients in cases in an estimated more than five hundred jury trials, ranging from capital murders to corporate takeovers. These adventures have taken place throughout Ohio as well as in Illinois, Minnesota, California, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Georgia. 


Thirty years of conversations and interviews with lawyers and judges who practiced in Dayton throughout the past century have provided the fodder to fuel two fascinating books.


God is Merciful   The Colorful Career of John E. Egan

Take a captivating journey into the murky underworld of the early 20th century. Despite Egan's best efforts to cover his tracks, recently unearthed details reveal that he was far more connected to some of the most notorious criminals than anyone could have ever guessed!

Come for the stories about John Dillinger, Alvin Karpis, J. Edgar Hoover and the cronies of Al Capone. Stay for the crimes that made the headlines such as the Postal Telegraph Murder, the saga of "Dayton Slim", or safe cracker extraordinaire "Rabbit Man" Wilson. Meet characters like "Mad Meg" known as gangland's jinx girl whose kiss brought death to eight outlaws.

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The Sluff of History's Boot Soles

Not simply a local history about the lawyers and judges who pursued their profession in Dayton, Ohio, Sluff of History's Boot Soles is a study of particulars in search of universals. It chronicles the city's 200 year sweep of history against the background of the country's three revolutions during that period. Distinct personalities come to life through explorations of their characters and the memorable events that marked their experiences.


In addition to writing persuasive prose every day of his adult life, David C. Greer is the leader of an eight-piece jazz band which has carried the great music of the 1920s and 1930s to a variety of venues for almost forty years.